National study of Google trends reveals regional differences in Thanksgiving dinners

Mashed spuds or sprouts?

Turkey is king when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner – but what does your family have with it?

Research by Chef's Pencil finds some significant regional differences.

The Canadian survey found roasted Brussel sprouts are the favoured side dish in B.C., Alberta and the Yukon.

Mashed potatoes topped the list in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nunavut, with butternut squash the favourite in the Northwest Territories, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Quebec.

Newfoundland was an outsider, choosing scalloped potatoes as its favoured Thanksgiving side.

There was definite East-West divide when it comes to Thanksgiving desserts.

All provinces west of Quebec favour pumpkin pie, while those to the east prefer apple pie or apple crisp.

Chef's Pencil used Google trends to compile its data, based on the number of searches that were done last year around Thanksgiving.

Every Thanksgiving, hundreds of thousands of Canadians turn to Google to search their favourite pumpkin pie, gravy or turkey recipe.

"Since no traditional Thanksgiving dinner goes without turkey, almost the same can be said for stuffing," says Chef's Pencil. "There is really no match for stuffing when it comes to side dish popularity, but because it sort of comes together with the turkey, we took the controversial decision to exclude it from our analysis."

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