Trudeau says moving on vaccine mandate for federal workers, travellers priority No. 1

Workers, travellers priority 1

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his government's first priority postelection will be to move ahead with plans to require travellers to be fully vaccinated before getting on a plane or train.

Trudeau also says the government will move ahead with rules for federal workers to be fully vaccinated as well.

Rounding out his top five priorities include finalizing a vaccine passport for Canadians travelling abroad, and helping to foot part of the bill for provinces that have moved forward with their own proof-of-vaccination system.

The Liberals won another minority mandate in the Sept. 20 election.

Trudeau says he will unveil a new cabinet next month that will be gender-balanced and recall Parliament this fall.

He says Chrystia Freeland will remain as deputy prime minister and the country's finance minister.

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