Raye: 'I was ready to give up after nasty label dispute'

Raye was ready to give up

Singer Raye thought her career was over when she called out the bosses at her former record label.

The British singer/songwriter had a very public dispute earlier this year with bosses at Polydor Records after claiming they wouldn't allow her to release a new record, despite her four-album deal.

Raye, who has since left the label, was "terrified" about making the dispute public, but is relieved it all turned out in her favor.

In June, she tweeted: "I have been on a 4 ALBUM RECORD DEAL since 2014!!! And haven't been allowed to put out one album. ALL I CARE ABOUT is the music. Im sick of being slept on (ignored) and I'm sick of being in pain about it this is not business to me this so personal."

She told The Guardian on Saturday: "I was ready to just give up and not be an artist any more."

Raye, real name Rachel Keen, admits she never saw eye-to-eye with Polydor executives, who simply wanted chart-topping hits.

"Having a top 10 is not defining," she added. "What it showed me was that we were aiming for two completely different things and we always have been. What makes (label chiefs) proud isn't what makes me proud."

The Call On Me hitmaker is "grateful" they let her leave, but is still "raging" about what happened.

"The fact that they did let me go, I'm so grateful, because it could have gone all matters of dark. The s**t I have been through, I wouldn't wish on my worst enemies.

"I am just beside myself about how the beautiful songwriters that I know, a lot of whom are women, and a lot of whom are women of color, are just hustling out here. I'm angry, I'm raging."

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