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P.O.D. gig in Alabama marred by car attack on club

Car attack at P.O.D. gig

Two people have been arrested after crashing a car into a Birmingham, Alabama club where rockers P.O.D. were set to perform.

The suspects allegedly drove their car into the Zydeco Bar late on Tuesday and then fled the scene.

They were later arrested and taken into custody.

Reports suggest the driver had been asked to leave the venue hours earlier.

One person sustained minor injuries.

Matt Brandyberry, the frontman for P.O.D.'s support act From Ashes to New, has posted a video on social media, detailing the drama.

"Apparently, what happened was this dude got kicked out of our show tonight, and I guess he got mad at the security guard for doing that," he said. "I guess they got into a fight... And then this dude left... I guess what ended up happening was after he left, he came back with his car and he tried to run the security guard over... This dude ran his f**king car into the bar, into the club... I guess he must've hit the security guard, but the security guard seems fine; he's bleeding, but he seems like he's fine.

"But the dude who's driving the car is mangled. The dude is, like, all messed up."

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