Next steps in Ottawa unclear as mail-in ballots, tight races still to be decided

So what happens next?


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will keep his job, but how many MPs he will end up with in his caucus is still being finalized.

There are a few dozen races where the outcome could change when more than 780,000 mail-in ballots start being counted later today.

Trudeau will also need to shuffle his cabinet to replace several ministers who lost or didn't run again, and then set a date for the throne speech.

He waited a month to name his new cabinet and more than six weeks to have a throne speech in 2019, but the ongoing pandemic may push him to do those things faster this year.

And with the pandemic still raging in parts of Canada, MPs and parties will have to decide whether to resurrect the virtual House of Commons sittings and votes they agreed to in 2020, but which dissolved with Parliament when the election was called.

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