Should political election signs be banned from public property?

Poll: Election sign placement

Every single election, whether it be federal, provincial or municipal we hear the same complaints from candidates. It’s almost a race to see whose sign gets defaced first, because each media outlet will write one story on it — so if you’re first, you get the article and can play the victim, get the free coverage, and then move on.

As much as we can say it’s illegal to damage signs, at the end of the day with the number of signs scattered across the city and the heightened political animosity we see in elections, we can’t monitor the signs to arrest people for defacing and damaging them.

The City of Kelowna, like many Canadian cities, allows political signs on public property and on private property.

Often, you can end up with a streetscape littered with signs of the various party colours, which are simply an eyesore.

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