Kelowna resident finds bag of white substance at playground

Mystery bag at playground

Madison Erhardt

Bernie Ryan was out for a walk with his dog Thursday morning when he came across a plastic bag full of a white substance that he says appeared to be drugs.

Ryan says his nine month old German Shepard Husky Sebastian came very close to picking up the bag in Hartwick Park.

"I happened to look down because I have to watch what he does, because he gets into stuff, and there was a little bag of drugs on the ground just a few feet from the kids park entrance," he said.

"It is something that is toxic. It is hard drugs and it is right by a kids park. It is double disgusting."

Ryan says with lots of kids in the area, it could have ended a lot worse. Castanet has sent the substance to be tested.

Ryan says he will go back to the park with his dog, but will now be extra vigilant about what is on the ground.

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