Should prescription contraception be free for B.C. women?

Poll: Free contraception?

A campaign calling for free prescription contraception in B.C. has launched a new social media effort.

The AccessBC campaign for free prescription contraception is calling on British Columbians to share photos of themselves with signs that explain why they support universal, no-cost prescription contraception, explains a news release.

The campaign is gearing up a couple of weeks before World Contraception Day, on Sept. 26.

After the photos are taken, participants are asked to share their snaps on their personal accounts using the @accessbc or the hasthtag #WCD2021. They may also send the photos to [email protected] for posting. From there, the social media team will amplify their messages and ensure elected officials are tagged.

One photo shows Dr. Ruth Habte, an OBGYN resident physician and AccessBC campaign organizer, in scrubs with a sign that reads: “I am an OBGYN Resident and I support free prescription contraception because I believe in pregnancy and children by choice, not by chance.”

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