Quebec legislature unanimously condemns 'Quebec bashing' at federal leaders' debate

Quebec bashing decried

Quebec's legislature has unanimously condemned the "Quebec bashing" that members say took place during last week's English-language federal leaders' debate.

A motion introduced Tuesday by Opposition Leader Dominique Anglade that called for the "end of Quebec bashing" was endorsed by all parties.

The Liberal motion said the first question asked to Bloc Québécois Leader Yves-François Blanchet by debate moderator Shachi Kurl likened Quebec to a racist and discriminatory society.

Kurl had said Quebec's secularism and language laws are discriminatory and marginalize religious and linguistic minorities.

Anglade's motion said Quebecers form an open, free, strong and proud nation that is capable of legislating on issues that are within provincial jurisdiction.

A second motion adopted anonymously today, introduced by the Parti Québécois, called on the group of broadcasters that organized the debate to formally apologize.

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