Horoscope: Sept. 19-25

OVERVIEW: Shuffling the deck chairs on the ship won’t make it float any better. A lack of intelligence and know how will cause disarray in more than one area. There is a need to call in the experts; rely on their known track record. Emotions are riding the tide of the full moon at the beginning of the week; get this under control. Allow someone that everyone can respect to take the helm. Some infighting over funds can be brought to a more realistic conclusion. Greedy ones will show their hand and it will get slapped. Adjust rules or protocols to fit current situations. Manage on the fly as a settling point will calm the waters when everyone agrees on it.

ARIES: Paint a clear picture that shows where the past in transitionsing towards the future.

TAURUS: Surprise catches others off guard or out of their comfort zone. Make it fun if allowed.

GEMINI: You have the right connections to get around blocks or those trying to interfere now.

CANCER: Unusual people get involved in your situation. Make sure the facts are made clear.

LEO: Sudden opportunity sees you scouting out a venue or location that is more suitable.

VIRGO: You say the right things to get others to see your point. Continue building on that.

LIBRA: Come out from behind the scenes and show where you stand. Pull others together.

SCORPIO: Taking command in different way can shake the status quo. Stand strong now.

SAGITTARIUS: Rely on connections to pull strings for you in areas of importance or gains.

CAPRICORN: You work with a timeline to get things moving along. Allow for adjustments.

AQUARIUS: Other want information from you in a covert manner. Connection to distance.

PISCES: Check the way things are and see where cost effective improvements will work.


Horoscope: Sept. 12-18

OVERVIEW: Compare notes to see how critical matters should be handled or wait for updated information. Ramp up testing or research; revisit what was considered in the past. Take a chance on something outside the box. Funding may need to come from an alternate source as well. Support from someone with a good track record would be helpful. Make sure everyone gets credit for their contribution. Keep discussions open near or far. Timing is important to when things get rolled out. Relationships undergo shift in loyalties personally or in business. Adjust to changes or how rules are interpreted. This will matter going forward. Be gracious.

ARIES: Private meetings could see a switch in the pecking order. it will work out if all will agree.

TAURUS: You can feel like the lone ranger as added responsibility lands on your shoulders now.

GEMINI: Your security is greater when attached to others in key positions or power. Call them.

CANCER: Extended communications near or far will show the timing of future events or moves.

LEO: Don’t waste time on situations that take too much work to get the desired results you want.

VIRGO: Present yourself in a way that others will be impressed or agree with you in all areas.

LIBRA: Your influence behind the scenes has the desired affect. Matters shift to more positive.

SCORPIO: Seek closure or get rid of what you don’t need anymore. You will feel some relief.

SAGITTARIUS: Your status is on the rise now. This will impact your income in powerful ways.

CAPRICORN: Make needed changes or take steps to get what you want. This will work out.

AQUARIUS: Others see that you are the influence behind the scenes. Become more visible.

PISCES: Your intuition is a big help in convincing others to your way of thinking or doing etc.

Horoscope Sept. 5-11

OVERVIEW: Personal feelings sway judgements of who will receive support. Take qualifications of each one into consideration as this will be important to the long game. Unite with those you can trust; history will count. Surprise info puts a spin on things. This will affect positions or status of some as well as their income. What is valued is up for review on more than one level. Be patient and settle into comfort zone. Some things are just not worth the effort. Alternate forms of payment can have equal value when all is said and done. The new moon in virgo highlights action with caution. A calculator comes in handy when figuring things out. Balance books.

ARIES: Those who supported you in the past can still be counted on. Give them a call or stop by.

TAURUS: Motivate others to greater production or achievement. They want to please or engage.

GEMINI: Make decisions with home or base of operation. Timing will be important to final choice.

CANCER: Review where you stand and who is on the same page. This affects future direction.

LEO: The new moon opens doors with income or status. Review where you are and next move.

VIRGO: Others recognize what you bring to the table and give you deserved attention or credit.

LIBRA: Confidential talks or meetings produce wonderful results for everyone involved now.

SCORPIO: Spend private time with influential people or those important to you going forward.

SAGITTARIUS: Your star is on the rise so ride with it to greater heights. You belong up there.

CAPRICORN: A boost financially gives you confirmation of your value and expertise to others.

AQUARIUS: Contact over distance leads to special plans to get together in the future with them.

PISCES: Talks or meetings cover a lot of ground. Make progressive changes that will help out.


Horoscope: Aug 29 - Sept 4

OVERVIEW: Bring together individuals with good reputations, status or track records. Level heads need to prevail. Their influence could affect rules or laws to hold the line or be changed. Behind the scenes activities are a cause for concern on various levels as investigations intensify. Info will come from an unexpected source. Jealousy can spur some backlash so avoid these situations even in jest. Relationships reach a turning point. Any plans together should have a basis in reality in order to last. When details are sorted out relax and move forward at an easygoing pace. In some case an actual move or change of location may be necessary. Its ok.

ARIES: You pull strings in such a way that others don’t notice until its too late for them to object.

TAURUS: Your words calm those who are worried. Connect with key people of influence or status.

GEMINI: You can be the king of your castle or environment as you know just what to say to sway.

CANCER: Matters relating to the past need some resolution. Talks are more like a game of sorts.

LEO: Let others know your limits or what you will settle for then arrange how it will all play out.

VIRGO: Unite with others for the same cause or goal making sure they keep things confidential.

LIBRA: Get plans on track in various areas. Have check-ups for any health concerns. Follow up.

SCORPIO: Check out an area before you make decisions about it for yourself or loved ones.

SAGITTARIUS: Explain feelings or intentions to those on the same page who can act on them.

CAPRICORN: Show solidarity even it all parts of the situation are not clear or grounded yet.

AQUARIUS: Confidential financial talks add a sense of security as you proceed to closure etc.

PISCES: Play your cards carefully while keeping the aces in reserve for later. You have time.

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