BC Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement shares more no-brainer safety violations

More safety head-shakers

BC Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement is sharing more highway horror stories.

In the latest instalment of its "Wanted Off the Road" series, CVSE shares four more real cases of unsafe vehicles whose drivers were recently ticketed.

"Some vehicle safety violations can be hidden to the naked eye. For these posters, we’ve chosen vehicles that are much less discreet – you just know something’s wrong as soon as you look at them," the Ministry of Transportation said in the post.

While CVSE focuses on commercial transport enforcement, it has the legal authority to stop any vehicle to address an imminent hazard.

The latest cases are:

I 'woodn't' do that: Absolutely no load security holding the lumber in this old camper van. It was so overloaded the front wheels were bouncing off the road! A flag is also required when cargo overhang is more than 1.2 metres.

'Wheely' warty tire: Tire bulges typically occur after the tire's sidewall comes in contact with a curb or other object. This tire on a fully loaded logging truck is now compromised and could blow at any time, which could have serious consequences.

Count the infractions: 1 - flat tire, 2 - improperly secured ladder impeding visibility, 3 - improperly secured load in trailer, 4 - now count the parking spaces!

Check your head: Check out this head injury waiting to happen. Just as external loads need to be placed and secured properly, so do loads inside the vehicle to ensure they can't harm passengers.

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