Smoke limits air support at Octopus Creek wildfire near Fauquier

Smoke limits air support

The Octopus Creek wildfire south of Fauquier has grown to an estimated 17,520 hectares in size.

Fire behaviour is anticipated to remain low to moderate due to calmer winds and smoke that is blocking the sun.

In a Thursday evening update, the BC Wildfire Service says smoke coverage is expected to increase over the coming days as winds are forecast to remain light.

"Local topography may cause some areas of the wildfire to experience greater fire behaviour, which could cause the wildfire to grow in size. Be aware that these conditions could change rapidly and fire behaviour could increase suddenly," the wildfire service says.

Smoke has been impeding air support due to low visibility, however airtankers will be used when visibility allows their safe operation.

On the north flank, firefighters are working towards shifting the wildfire upslope, away from the community, and further planned ignitions may be used.

Forty-eight firefighters, four helicopters, and nine pieces of heavy equipment are assigned to the fire.

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