Michaud Creek wildfire near Edgewood grows to 7,312 in size, planned ignition ahead

Planned ignition at Michaud

UPDATE: 3:33 p.m.

BC Wildfire confirmed they are moving ahead with a planned ignition for both the Michaud Creek and Octopus Creek wildfires adjacent to Arrow Lake.

This is to remove unburned fuel in the fire’s path, thereby helping to limit the fire’s growth and spread, says BCWS.

The exact timing of this burn will depend on weather and site conditions, but it could begin as early as Thursday. Burning will only proceed is conditions are suitable.

Due to steep and unstable terrain in this area, BCWS says personnel have determined that a planned ignition is the most favourable tactic to gain control and maintain an appropriate safety margin for firefighters while achieving the goal of removing fuel that lies between containment lines and the advancing fire.

Highly trained BCWS personnel will use hand torches to carry out the planned ignition on the site, and helicopters will bucket to cool parts of the fire as required to meet objectives.

Increased smoke from this action may be visible from Fauquier, along Arrow Lake and Highway 6

ORIGINAL: 10:54 a.m.

The Michaud Creek wildfire burning south of Edgewood has grown to 7,312 hectares in size.

BC Wildfire Service says the fire remained south of Johnson Creek and was holding at the established control lines and in an area of an old burn as of Tuesday morning.

Crews were able to make good progress over the past couple of days on the fireline, BCWS says, the helicopter was able to carry out bucketing operations at Johnston Creek.

The helicopter worked with firefighters to search and extinguish hotspots and open flames. Sprinkler systems were also deployed at Johnston Creek in hopes to increase the relative humidity in the vicinity and protect the containment line that is being established.

Crews are continuing to focus on establishing and reinforcing containment lines in priority areas, which also include the north flank, to limit the growth to the north/north west.

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