Group calls for integration of early childhood education and school systems

Changes to early education?

An advocacy group is calling for Canada to fully integrate child-care and early childhood education into its school systems.

A new report from People for Education says there are clear benefits to early childhood education, and current systems across the country aren't up to muster.

The group says access to child care is inequitable, with prices and availability varying widely based on location.

It also says a lack of co-ordination between early childhood educators, elementary schools and high schools negates some of the benefits for kids who do have access.

People for Education says the priorities and learning mechanisms are not aligned between early childhood education and school systems, so students aren't able to fully take advantage of the strong foundation set for them in preschool.

The group says the federal government's commitment in this year's budget to spend $30 billion over five years on child-care provides an opportunity to replace the disjoined system with a "continuum of education" that starts young.

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