The message gets lost

I feel great sorrow and am greatly troubled by the way the poor children were treated in residential schools.

However, Indigenous leaders, the federal government and the media spreading half truths does nothing to promote reconciliation.

Ground penetrating radar simply identifies a location of a grave. Until these sites are excavated, we will not know for sure who is buried there.

Why aren't Canadians being told the Pope did apologize to then Grand Chief Fontaine and his delegation way back in 1991, as did all the Canadian Catholic church leaders?

True healing can only take place if the whole truth is put on the table or future generations will dig information up and the cycle begins again.

While extremely tragic, long lost burial sites aren't new. What about North Battleford or Brandon, years ago already?

We disgrace the memories of these poor children by using them as pawns. It makes people think the government is using this for votes.

The message for true reconciliation gets lost.

Chris Gyokery

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