Local business donates $7,500 worth of pizza to Kelowna Gospel Mission

Pizza donation to Mission

Kelowna’s Gospel Mission has received a donation of $7,500 worth of pizza from a local marketing firm.

Okanagan Marketing Solutions is making its first of seven deliveries of pizza to the Mission on Thursday. The pizza is being served to people staying at the two emergency shelters, the four women’s transitional homes and to people living outside at 551 Recreation Avenue.

“Providing meals to people experiencing homelessness and poverty has always been the first step towards wellness,” said the Kelowna Gospel Mission’s Troy McKnight, thanking the company for its generosity.

“When you are struggling with various complex issues, having a delicious meal of pizza provided for you is a welcome gift”

Money Saver Envelope, a division of Okanagan Marketing Solutions, is donating on behalf of customers and the community by hosting seven pizza night, once a week totalling 5,000 slices providing over 200 individuals a meal each day.

“As with most businesses, navigating the Covid pandemic has been challenging; however, we feel supporting and donating to a valuable cause within our community now is more important than ever. Life is all about giving back. Supporting Kelowna’s Gospel Mission this year brings me joy,” says OMS owner Senthil Thirugnana.

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