Manitoba RCMP say homicide suspect Eric Wildman arrested in Ontario

Murder suspect nabbed

Ontario police say they were met with gunfire when they attempted to apprehend a man suspected in a homicide in Manitoba.

Ontario Provincial Police say in a video on Twitter that officers received information that Eric Wildman could be in the area.

Police say officers attempted to get into a residence in Prince Edward County, just outside Belleville, Ont., and were fired at when they tried to enter.

They say officers moved into positions around the residence and crisis negotiators were eventually able to get the two men inside to surrender.

One of the men was identified as Wildman.

The 34-year-old is a suspect in the homicide of 40-year-old Clifford Joseph, who was his neighbour in rural Manitoba.

Joseph has been missing since June 7, when he was last seen leaving his home in St. Clements, north of Winnipeg.

RCMP later found his truck abandoned in a rural area and investigators have said there is evidence he was the victim of a homicide.

Mounties had warned that Wildman was armed and dangerous and could have clothing and gear resembling that used by police.

Officers found police tactical equipment, patches and other items resembling officer uniforms when they searched Wildman's vehicle on Sunday.

Ontario Provincial Police say Wildman is being transported back to Manitoba.

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