Billie Eilish accused of using racial slurs and mocking accents in unearthed footage

Billie accused of racial slurs

Billie Eilish has come under fire for appearing to use racial slurs and mock an Asian accent in a newly surfaced video.

In an undated clip shared on TikTok by user @lcxvy, the Lost Cause star appears to say the word "c**nk", an offensive slur referring to a person of Chinese descent.

A follow-up video sees Billie appearing to mock an Asian accent, with the star's brother and collaborator Finneas later calling her out for speaking with a "Black accent."

While it is unclear when the clips were recorded or the context behind them, fans rushed to social media to slam the singer, calling for her to be "canceled" in light of the "gross" footage.

"billie eilish has been racist to asians on multiple occasions (saying the c slur and mocking asian languages) but no one ever talks about it (sic)," penned one user, while another insisted they're, "no longer fan of billie eilish after she mocked asians and there accents.

"shes so f**ked up , thats why so much asian hate if covid 19 hasnt made ppl nuts already ppl stil ldisrespect based on culture and ethnicity now. (sic)"

Others admitted to being "so disappointed" with the Bad Guy star.

Despite the backlash, loyal followers rushed to Billie's defense and blamed the content on the hitmaker having Tourette syndrome, which causes involuntary tics.

The star previously revealed she has been diagnosed with the disorder, but said that she exhibits physical tics, not verbal. She has yet to address the TikTok clips and subsequent criticism.

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