Should cruise ships be allowed to dock in Canada this year?

Poll: cruise ship restarts

British Columbia's premier says legislation proposed in the United States that would scrap a long-standing requirement for American cruise ships to dock at a foreign port between domestic stops doesn't change the fact people want to visit B.C.

John Horgan says the "machinations of U.S. politics" on a given day don't change the draw for people to travel up B.C.'s coast and he doesn't believe there's anything the provincial government can do about decisions made in the U.S. Senate.

Horgan told a news conference that he's passionate about making sure B.C. can welcome visitors once pandemic-related travel restrictions are lifted, but he doesn't "regret not yelling louder at people who would not have been listening."

Utah Sen. Mike Lee has introduced three bills to repeal and reform the 135-year-old Passenger Vessel Services Act, saying in a statement this week that it's an "outdated, protectionist law" that benefits Canada and harms American jobs.

International cruise ships are banned in Canadian waters until the end of February due to the pandemic and the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation last month that allows the ships to bypass B.C. ports until that restriction is lifted.

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