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Southern Interior VP thanks TD employees for work in pandemic

TD thanks employees

This is TD Employee Appreciation Week, and the company wants to make sure its workers know how important and valued they were during the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to be today.

TD’s BC Southern Interior district vice-president, Jennifer Kristen, felt motivated enough to pen a letter to all employees in the region who played a role in helping the company get through the pandemic.

To my TD colleagues in the Southern Interior:

Happy TD Employee Appreciation Week!

I am extremely proud of all that you have accomplished over the past 15 months. Under challenging circumstances—juggling obligations at home, caring for loved ones and, for some of you, finishing school—you were relentless in your commitment to serve our customers and community. They were looking to you for advice and support during uncertain times. You delivered.

I am also heartened by the way you looked out for each other. It is easy to view your TD colleagues as just co-workers, but throughout the pandemic we became more than that. You cared for your peers and ensured they felt supported. By doing so, please know—even with a simple ‘How are you?’—it made a difference.

Thank you—for your resilience, willingness to adapt to change, and for lifting up your colleagues, customers, and neighbours. I am grateful and appreciate all that you do.

Jennifer Kristen

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