'Gorgeous' bear 'poses' for photos in Coquitlam neighbourhood

This bear's a real poser

Coquitlam resident Astar Henry returned home Sunday to find a big bear on the street — "posing" for photos.

The “gorgeous brown bear” has been travelling for years through the Pipeline Road/Robson Drive area, close to the Coquitlam River.

“We have many bears walk through our street. [We] don't wish them any harm,” Henry wrote in an email Tuesday.

Bear sightings are common in the region.

Earlier this month, Metro Vancouver shut Oliver Road to Coquitlam’s Minnekhada Regional Park because of bear traffic and the “high potential for negative human-bear interactions.”

Wildsafe BC cites the following tips as bear season continues:

  • Keep your garbage in or secured until the day of collection. Garbage is the number one attractant cited in reports to the provincial hotline
  • Manage your fruit trees
  • Don’t let windfalls accumulate, and pick fruit as it ripens
  • Don’t put out bird feeders when bears are active
  • Keep your compost working properly with lots of brown materials and a regular schedule of turning

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