Highest suspension bridge in Canada opens in Golden

Highest Skybridge opens

The highest suspension bridge in Canada has opened its soaring, mountaintop attraction to the public in Golden.

Pursuit launched the Golden Skybridge: a multi-season mountain experience that features two expansive suspension bridges connected by forested trails at the edge of two iconic Canadian mountain ranges.

The newly constructed bridges, sitting at 130 and 80 metres high, respectively, offer dramatic 360-degree views of expansive alpine vistas. The views also include a roaring 61-metre waterfall and a serene mountain river in the deep canyon below.

The Golden Skybridge also features a three-kilometre-long nature walk weaving throughout the park and across both suspension bridges. Viewing platforms provide guests with further opportunities to take in picturesque landscapes.

An outdoor courtyard and café at the experience base provide a pre-and post-stop rest along the mountain journey, too.

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