RCMP catch driver going 127 km/h over posted speed limit

Speeder doing double limit

A lead-footed B.C driver had his vehicle impounded after he was clocked going twice the speed limit on the weekend.

CTV News Vancouver is reporting that the driver was caught doing 207 km/h in an 80 zone near 287 Street on Loughheed Highway in Ridge Meadows.

The vehicle, a Hyundai Genesis, was impounded and the driver had their license suspended according to RCMP on social media.

"You get a time-out from your car and licence for seven days and a hefty fine," the post says.

The driver was doing 127 km/h over the posted speed limit and fines in B.C. are based on how far over the speed limit the driver is going, including whether they were in a construction or a school zone.

-with files from CTV News Vancouver

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