A cinnamon-black bear was spotted at a bed and breakfast in Coldstream

Bear took a trip to a B'n'B

A cinnamon-black bear went for a quick stay at a rural bed and breakfast in Coldstream.

Tom Lewis, who runs the bed and breakfast from his country estate in Coldstream, called Telemark Ridge Lodge, spotted the bear strolling through the garden.

Lewis posted pictures of the bear in the, Hell Yeah Vernon! Group on Facebook.

“I think I had just come into our kitchen when I spotted the bear wandering past our garden office and toward our garden,” said Lewis.

He said the bear stopped below the bird feeder that hangs in a group of alder trees and that's when the bear started to climb up the tree.

“The bear made it up the feeder and then started licking the seeds from the bottom, luckily it was almost empty or he may have pulled it down,” said Lewis.

The bear then made its way to a second tree to get to a small bird house, which, unfortunately for the bear, was also empty.

After some snooping around for food Lewis said the bear “scampered into the wooded area,” behind his garden office building.

Lewis' wife posted a video of the bear to her Facebook page.

Jennifer Cramer Lewis

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