On the Street: ready for the reopening of theatres?

Comfortable in a theatre?

Step two of British Columbia’s reopening plan, coming June 15, means movie theatres across the province will be allowed to operate with a capacity of 50 people occupants per movie. Castanet took to the streets of Kelowna to find out if people were comfortable watching a flick surrounded by other people after theatres have been closed since November.

“I’m excited to see lots of people in the lineups, and busy nights here again,” said one West Kelowna Landmark Cinemas employee Wednesday afternoon.

Another couple driving by the theatre was excited to learn that the wait is almost over. We are totally excited,” the man explained. “That's why we drove by to see what was happening,” said the woman.

For so many, movie nights are seen as a social activity that allows us to leave our troubles behind. One man in Stuart Park said he's looking forward to going out with friends and enjoying some action in the form of a giant silver screen. “Obviously it's been like a year, and I used to watch movies with my friends a lot at the theatre, so I'm probably going to go catch a flick with one of them as soon as Tuesday when it opens. That experience was always the best, hanging out with friends, seeing a movie, and the snacks, the popcorn."

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