Sechelt man fined $900 for leaving bear attractants in yard

Fined for attracting bears

It is against the law to attract dangerous wildlife to a residence, and one Sechelt man was given a $900 reminder of that.

The unidentified man was fined $900 under the BC Wildlife Act for attracting dangerous wildlife to a premise.

According to a post on the Conservation Officer Service Facebook page, in April 2020, the Conservation Officer Service launched an investigation after a Report All Poachers and Polluters (RAPP) complaint involving photos and video on social media of a family unit of bears attracted to a bird feeder and a large pile of grain at a residence.

Conservation officers had been monitoring bear activity in the area, after a family of bears approached two children playing in a backyard. COs also conducted bear attractant patrols in the area, issuing several warnings and tickets.

The bears subsequently moved on.

Garbage, pet food, bird seed and other attractants should be securely stored to help prevent bears and other wildlife from accessing them, which can create a public safety risk.

The COS continues to work with Sechelt officials and area organizations to increase awareness and public education around the importance of attractant management.

For tips on how to reduce human-wildlife conflicts, click here.

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