Recommendations from the BC SPCA on how to prepare your dog for when you return to work

Is your dog ready?

A change in your daily routine could cause a change in your doggies behaviour.

Now that pandemic restrictions are beginning to ease, the work from home life and quarantine life could all be coming to an end and now is a good time to prepare your pup for your return to work.

The BC SPCA recommends a number of ways to get your dog ready for the days you won’t be home all hours of the day.

Identify signs of stress and anxiety

SPCA says to distinguish between what's the normal type of behaviour for your dog and what they are triggered by as well as when they are undergoing signs of separation anxiety.

According to Dr. Karen van Haaften, BC SPCA’s senior manager of behaviour and welfare, dogs can suffer from different kinds of anxiety.

Dr. Karen van Haaften says that signs of anxiety are specific to the individual dog, but can include: panting, excessive yawning, restlessness, inability to pay attention, repetitive behaviours, shaking, loss of appetite, or extreme attention-seeking behaviours.

She recommends ruling out any underlying medical issues and observing your dog closely to identify their specific anxiety triggers, so you can address them.

Start to leave your house more frequently

SPCA says this tip is to get your dog used to the idea of you being away and understanding that you always come back

Get back to your old routine

“Maybe your dog is eating later along with your pandemic snack time. In order to help your dog adjust to what’s to come, it’s a good idea to return to your old routine or at least one that’s similar to what they can expect when you return to work,” says the BC SPCA.

Keep them occupied

Getting your pooch toys and interactive puzzles, the SPCA says, is a good way to keep them busy while you’re away.

Give them space of their own, knowing that help is available and giving your dog time, are three other ways the SPCA says could help ease your dog back into the routine of being home while their owner is at work.

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