Is B.C. doing enough to fight climate change?

Poll: Climate change efforts

The world has a narrow path to walk to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, and so far, it’s falling far short.

That’s according to a landmark report issued by the International Energy Agency (IEA) Tuesday, which traced a blueprint to achieve carbon neutrality by mid-century.

Carbon neutrality doesn’t mean eliminating the use of fossil fuels. But it does mean drastically reducing the burning of oil, gas and coal while offsetting any additional emissions through technology like carbon capture or planting trees.

That goal, outlines the report Net Zero by 2050, is the minimum but formidable target countries around the world need to hit in order to stave off 1.5 C in global temperature rise from preindustrial levels — the point where scientists say irreversible damage will be done to the Earth’s climate system.

The call to action is not new — environmentalists and international organizations have been calling for an energy revolution to wean the global economy off gas, oil and coal for decades.

But the International Energy Agency commands a different audience and has long advised countries around the world on their energy policies since its birth in the wake of the 1973 global oil crisis.

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