Kelowna firefighters rescue cat stuck inside apartment wall

Cat stuck in wall, rescued

Firefighters saving cats in trees may be a cliche, but today, the Kelowna Fire Department went one better.

"We saved a cat that was trapped inside a wall," Kelowna Fire Department platoon captain Tim Light tells Castanet.

The incident happened Monday morning after rescue crews received a call that somehow a cat managed to get inside a wall in a residence located at the Madison building at 1395 Ellis Street.

"We were called by a distraught resident whose cat was trapped in a wall," Capt. Light says the apartment had a ceiling system that somehow allowed the cat to get inside and from there it fell in behind the drywall.

"We had to use our thermal imaging camera to find out where it was and then cut a hole in the wall, reach in and get a very angry cat out."

Capt. Light says he may have seen something similar but it wasn't quite the same and it was years ago, "we've had one down a chimney in my younger days, up in trees, but never in a wall."

The cat may have been upset by the ordeal but it was otherwise unharmed and the owner was very thankful.

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