Fully customized and uninsured truck stolen from Kelowna man

Beloved truck stolen

After five months of working on it nearly every day, Kelowna’s Bruce Cook says he just got his fully customized off-road pickup running this week.

This morning he woke up to find it stolen alongside a grey suburban SUV he purchased two days ago. The crooks visited his property on Sexsmith Road sometime overnight and rifled through several other vehicles on the property before stealing two.

The thieves also stole an electric car from the neighbours property, which Cook says speaks to their apparent experience stealing cars.

“They are obviously pros, not just anyone can hotwire an electric car,” Cook said.

Cook said he has poured hundreds of hours into customizing his truck since December.

“I just got it moveable a day or two ago, otherwise it would have been in the shop and wouldn’t have been able to start,” he said. “It wasn’t insured and was going to be off-road only.”

Cook is a Nitro Circus freestyle motocross rider who lost the use of his legs while attempting a world’s first double frontflip in 2014. In June, the Hook or by Cook debuts on AMI-tv. The show sees him work with others to help them overcome obstacles such as disabilities.

Because it wasn’t designed for the roads and was fully uninsured, the stolen truck “stands out.” Anyone who notices it, or the stolen suburban SUV, should contact the police.

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