Do you support linking COVID-19 penalty payment to driver's license renewals?

Poll: forced to pay fines

Not paying a COVID-19 fine in B.C. will now mean you could lose your driving privileges.

The BC NDP has planned amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act that will extend "refuse to issue" restrictions to fines related to COVID-19.

"That small minority of persons who have been fined for violating the rules in place to protect us all are going to be held accountable for the debt they owe," said Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

"We've already moved up the deadline for sending unpaid COVID-19 fines to collections. Now, we're going to refuse to issue offenders a driver's licence or vehicle licence if they still won't take their tickets seriously and pay up."

The "refuse to issue" will apply to all outstanding fines issued and will be applied retroactively.

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