The Kelowna osprey camera is now live

Osprey camera now live

The circle of life is unfolding on a pole near the intersection of Benvoulin and KLO Roads.

FortisBC says a pair of ospreys have built a nest and laid three eggs on top of a nesting platform.

The pole gives the large raptors a place to call home and raise their family. These birds live mostly on fish and look to nest on high structures near bodies of water. To discourage ospreys from nesting on active power poles, FortisBC installs dedicated nesting platforms.

“We always look to proactively protect wildlife around our electricity infrastructure and, with ospreys, we want to ensure they have safe areas to nest within their natural habitats,” said Amy Duncan, terrestrial biologist, sustainability and environment, FortisBC. “We know that ospreys often mate for life and established pairs typically return to the same area to build their nests so it’s important that we continue these protection efforts every year.”

The public can now watch live and follow along as the osprey family works to survive and thrive in the Okanagan.

FortisBC’s Osprey Management Program has been in place since 2005 helping protect these birds through the installation of nesting platforms. These platforms are built higher than the surrounding electricity infrastructure to encourage the ospreys to nest at these safer locations.

If an osprey does manage to build a nest on a live power pole, FortisBC will safely remove the nest and relocate it to one of these suitable nesting platforms. To date, FortisBC has installed more than 70 of these platforms across the Southern Interior.

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