West Kelowna  

Residents warned of extra stink from Westside wastewater plant due to maintenance

Wastewater plant will stink

This week there may be periods when more odours than normal are noticeable in the area around the Westside Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant.

That’s because from tomorrow through Friday, new filtering materials will be installed in the biofilter at the facility off Gellatly Road in West Kelowna.

Wastewater treatment plants commonly use the open bed biofilter to biologically treat odourous gases that are collected throughout the wastewater treatment process helping to reduce emissions of foul air.

Following the installation, there may be periods of additional odour as it takes a few days to get the new biofilter up to 100 per cent performance.

The regional district says they apologize for any short-term inconvenience this important work may cause and will work as quickly as possible to minimize any potential impact.

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