City council unanimously supports a three-storey apartment proposed for Rutland Road

Support for Rutland rental

Kelowna city council has thrown its unanimous support behind an apartment project on Rutland Road North.

Council initially gave final approval to rezone the property, then threw its support behind a development permit application.

The property in question, between Briarwood and Hardie roads, houses a a single family home which will be removed to accommodate the rental development.

"The applicant is coming forth with a multiple-unit housing development proposal which would consist of one building that would be three-storeys in height," said planner Terry Barton.

"It would include 17 dwelling units, two one-bedroom units and 15 two-bedroom units, with surface parking along the side and rear yard."

Barton says planning looked at the prominence of the front door, as it is oriented toward the street, and that the units facing Rutland Road are as attractive as they can be.

"I think we can all agree it's nice to see something happening on this particular lot, and increase density in an area we certainly need it," said Mayor Colin Basran.

"I'm happy to see this move forward."

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