Stranger helps pay for son's gift to cancer-fighting mom for Mother's Day

Stranger pays for mom's gift

A Penticton mom is hoping to reach ‘the angel’ who helped out her 12-year-old son on Friday, when he didn’t have enough money to buy groceries for a Mother's Day dinner gift.

"It was such an incredible act of kindness and I just wanted to express my gratitude," the mom said, who wanted to share the story anonymously.

She explained in an email to Castanet that her husband and kids wanted to make this Mother's Day extra special.

“So, my 12-year-old son offered to make me dinner. He picked the menu, wrote down the list of ingredients needed and rode his bike to Safeway,” she said.

After collecting all the necessary items, her son headed to the self-checkout, but he didn't realize he didn't have enough funds to pay for it all.

When her son tried his bank card twice with no luck, a woman approached him and offered to pay the entire $75 bill.

The kindhearted woman pulled out four $20 bills and gave them to him.

“My angel - you couldn't have known that his mother has stage four advanced metastatic breast cancer," the mother said. "I don't know how many more Mother's Day I'll get - if any! Thanks to you, my son can make me dinner - a very special dinner for our whole family - one I don't think I'll ever forget.

“This random act of kindness didn't go unnoticed. God saw. And I'll be praying he blesses you a million times over in return for your kindness.”

The $5 leftover was donated to the Breast Cancer Fundraising table on the way out, to which he said: "This is for my mom."

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