Dramatic footage of rollover crash at Massey Tunnel

Dramatic footage of rollover

Dramatic footage has emerged of Friday morning’s crash which all but shut down the Massey Tunnel.

Dashcam video from a southbound vehicle, as it emerged from the south side of the tunnel around 9 a.m., shows a northbound vehicle in the counterflow lane possibly clipped by a southbound semi-truck, before hitting the median and rolling over.

The northbound vehicle then appears to slam, upside down into the southbound vehicle, as airbags deploy.

Audio from the dashcam appears to have the sound of a baby crying in the car in the aftermath of the crash.

Amazingly, according to the BC Ambulance Service, only one person sustained injuries.

The Richmond News has reached out to RCMP for more details.

The crash closed the only southbound lane in the tunnel at the time and reduced northbound to one lane, before being cleared about an hour later.

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