Group of Kamloops RCMP officers honoured for efforts in removing drunk drivers from local roads

Traffic officers honoured

A special team of Kamloops RCMP officers is being recognized for their work taking 156 drunk drivers off local roads.

Kamloops community leader for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Roxanne Engli, visited the detachment on April 27 to pay tribute to the 13 officers who made it onto the 2019 Alexa’s Team.

“You represent the extraordinary efforts and commitment police have to reducing impaired driving, preventing deadly crashes, and keeping our roads safe,” said Engli during her presentation.

Alexa’s Team is a program that recognizes RCMP and municipal police officers from around BC who demonstrate a commitment to reducing the number of impaired drivers on the roadways.

The team was named after four-year-old Alexa Middelaer who was killed by an impaired driver as she was standing at the roadside feeding a horse in May 2008.

“Good traffic cops and those who take impaired drivers off the road, save more lives than any other unit,” said Kamloops RCMP Superintendent, Sydney Lecky. “They’re very passionate about what they do. I hope it’s something they never get tired of because it means so much to us.”

To be nominated for Alexa’s Team, police officers must have removed at least 12 drivers impaired by drugs or alcohol from the road in the previous calendar year.

The 2019 Alexa Team Members recognized include:

Wayne Chung

Patrick Ellis

David Bigcharles

Mike Scherpenisse

Dan Eccleston

Mark Richardson

Matt James

Paul Koester

Dawn Gillingham

Gordon Sauer

Cody Fisher

Scott Richards

Mark Blacklock

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