Reported thefts from Kamloops motor vehicles down in final week of Auto Crime Enforcement Month, police say

Theft from cars down: police

From the week of April 26 to May 2, there were 11 thefts from cars reported downtown, five of which occurred on Victoria Street, according to the RCMP.

Eight thefts of this type occurred on the North Shore. One theft was reported in Valleyview, and two in Sahali.

Police also released statistics related to bicycle theft.

There were four bicycles reported stolen from April 26 to May 2, three of which were taken from the Sagebrush neighbourhood. One bicycle was stolen from an area close to Tranquille Road.

Kamloops RCMP, Community Service Officers, ICBC employees and other volunteers have been visiting parking lots in various neighbourhoods to check how well residents are doing at preventing automotive theft, according to a press release from the RCMP.

The teams checked vehicles and left an Auto Crime Prevention Notice with comments and tips for drivers.

Cpl. Dana Napier of the Crime Prevention Unit said their theme for April — Auto Crime Enforcement Month — is “keep in mind what you leave behind.”

“There were some people who did a really good job of making sure there were no valuables visible in their vehicles, and others who left wallets and cash in plain sight,” Napier said.

She said while talking with people in parking lots, many who left vehicles or valuables unsecured said it was because they were just running inside for a moment.

“That’s really all it takes is that one minute of not being occupied or not being watched for someone to steal your vehicle or belongings.”

She said even items that seem like they don’t have worth, like a bottle of water or a phone charger, may be way someone is looking for as they are walking by.

According to police, best practices for reducing theft from vehicles include removing all property from the car, securing items in the trunk if something must be left inside.

The RCMP said to ensure serial items of any items of value are recorded, to help police track down stolen property.

An immobilizer or steering wheel lock should be used each time a vehicle is parked, and residents should try to park in open, visible areas.

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