Highrise dwellers in Burnaby fed up with 'spying' drones

Fed up with 'spying' drones

Burnaby highrise dwellers are starting to complain about nosey drone pilots.

Several people say drones are floating around their windows and invading their privacy.

Terry – who didn’t want her full name used – is upset after visiting her daughter who lives on the 22nd floor of a highrise in the Brentwood neighbourhood.

She was sitting there with her daughter watching TV when they noticed something flying outside the window.

“We both went out onto the balcony and saw a drone flying around,” Terry said. “It was moving slowly, as if spying inside the apartments, and hovered way above us before moving out of sight. My daughter also told me she saw what she thought was a bird or something another night, later when it was darker. Once we watched the drone for a while, she realized it probably was a drone she had seen. We watched for a while, hoping to see who the drone belonged to, but it flew way up and away. We saw security people below us, but couldn't tell if they were the drone operators.”

Terry is worried about “peeping Toms” looking to film people who think they have privacy in their bedrooms.

“I think the thousands of people who live in the Brentwood area would be surprised to learn someone is spying on them,” she said.

Another tweet from the Metrotown area shows a drone buzzing highrises with the comment: "I don't like this stuff flying around."

There are restrictions on where people can fly drones, but unless someone is there to enforce them, operators are gone by the time a complaint can be made.

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