Kenney under fire during Commons emergency debate on Alberta's COVID-19 crisis

Kenney under fire in Ottawa

Alberta's legislature may have been silenced but its partisan warfare has relocated to the House of Commons as MPs hold an emergency debate tonight on the province's soaring number of COVID-19 cases.

Edmonton New Democrat MP Heather McPherson requested the debate and is using it to blast what she calls Alberta Premier Jason Kenney's disastrous mishandling of the health crisis.

She says the "stumbling and bumbling" of Kenney's government has led to the biggest health crisis in the province's history.

But she's also blaming the federal Liberal government for not doing enough to help, alleging that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would rather watch Alberta burn than help Kenney.

Alberta currently has the highest rate of infection in North America.

Conservative MPs, some of whom used to serve with Kenney when he was in federal politics, are pushing back against McPherson's accusations and they're putting the blame on the federal government's failure to ensure a stable supply of vaccines.

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