Mamas for Mamas office opens to help caregivers in the South Okanagan

Mamas for Mamas launches

An organization that helps moms, dads and caregivers with resource navigation opened in Penticton on Wednesday, located inside the Ooknakane Friendship Centre.

Mamas for Mamas decided to add a location in Penticton after seeing a lack of resources available in the South Okanagan for poverty relief, acting as a hub for communities throughout the region, like Grand Forks, Apex, Osoyoos.

The team previously asked for help in finding a location in Penticton to operate as a satellite office, hoping to partner with a local charity.

After local media helped spread the word, the friendship centre contacted them directly and offered them the space at no charge.

“We think it's a perfect fit because they offer services and we can kind of fill in the gap and piggyback off each other. It's a great partnership and we're so thankful to them for opening their doors and being so welcoming,” Crystal Boros, the Penticton branch coordinator said.

Currently, the office is open on Wednesdays from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

“As we get going, because we're just kind of in our infancy stage, we'll open up more days in the office.”

The organization also runs a ‘Karma Market’ once a month, to bring their supplies out for mamas to shop through outdoors.

Leah Nason, an outreach coordinator for Mamas for Mamas is a child and youth care worker, who has a passion for looking after other families and is spending her maternity leave volunteering with the organization.

“As a mama, I feel like it's super important to have the support, especially with COVID,” she said. “I love giving back, I'm just excited for it to be here.”

“Our main goal and our main mission is that no mama or caregiver is left behind. We really want to make sure we're filling the gap in the communities and identifying where the gaps are so we can kind of come in and fill that role,” Boros added.

The team is also growing a community garden here in Penticton so mamas and those in the friendship centre can come in and access fresh produce.

The Mamas for Mamas office in appointment only and must be booked ahead of time. Email [email protected] to set an appointment or with any questions on how to access their resources.

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