BCCDC's 2nd COVID-19 survey closing soon

Pandemic feelings sought

Provincial health officials are asking British Columbians to tell them how they're doing.

"Take the survey and tell us how you are doing and help B.C. recover," says the survey on the BC Centre for Disease Control webpage.

A similar survey was conducted last year with almost 400,000 British Columbians taking part.

"'We called it BC COVID-19 SPEAK: Your story, our future,' and it provided valuable information about how British Columbians experienced the first wave of the pandemic."

The BCCDC says last year's survey played a "key role" in identifying families with children as a group with significant concerns.

These concerns related to overall well-being during school closures, according to the province.

BC COVID-19 SPEAK Round 2 picks up where last year's survey left off, "we’re over a year into the pandemic and once again we are asking you to tell us how you are doing. It’s been a tough year and everyone has been impacted in different ways. With COVID-19 vaccinations underway, it is time to think about our recovery and how we can support you through this next phase."

The survey is focused on four key areas:

  1. Life during the pandemic: How your behaviours and experiences have changed over the course of the pandemic
  2. Vaccines: What barriers exist to accessing vaccines
  3. Innovation and adaptation: How have things changed around you and how have these changes impacted you?
  4. Recovery: What supports are needed to help you through our recovery from the pandemic?

The results of the survey hosted by the University of British Columbia will be used to guide public health officials' actions, giving them a better understanding of the challenges.

Some of the questions include whether the respondent has tested positive for COVID-19 and if they've avoided getting the test. The survey also asks questions about general health, mental health, socializing and more.

The survey closes May 9.

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