Traffic changes on Pelmewash Parkway likened to 'game of chicken'

Road moved near slide site

A Lake Country traffic change may appear more like a game of chicken to those not anticipating the changes on Pelmewash Parkway.

The district posted images of the work on its Facebook page, Monday.

"Did you notice the slight change in traffic pattern on Pelmewash Parkway? The roads team has recently done some work ... to increase the rock catchment area south of Teddy Bear Lodge," the municipality wrote.

But the roadwork has some concerned.

It follows a large rockslide in February that covered the road and closed it down for 24 hours.

The new work widens the catchment area and moves the road over into a pullout beside the lakeside cycling path along Wood Lake.

The jog in the road creates the impression motorists are headed straight towards each other.

"It appears that Lake Country is forcing vehicles on Pelmewash to play chicken," one resident told Castanet.

"In an attempt pre-empt a rockfall ... (the district) has changed the flow of traffic and installed a concrete barrier. To accomplish that, they had to create quick tight turns, causing the north and southbound traffic to drive head on until at the last second they deke in opposite directions."

No one was injured in February's rockslide, but following debris removal and slope stability assessments by a geotechnical engineer, the municipality constructed a rock catchment berm below the cliff face.

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