MP Mel Arnold blasts Bill C-10 as an 'assault on freedom of expression'

'An assault on freedom'

North Okanagan-Shuswap Conservative MP Mel Arnold says the federal government's Bill C-10 is an "assault on freedom of expression."

While the federal government touts Bill C-10 as "an act to amend the Broadcasting Act," many are blasting the bill as an attempt by the ruling Liberals to control free speech online.

"Justin Trudeau and the government want the power to regulate what you or anyone else posts online," Arnold says in a video posted to social media.

Arnold says the bill, which is currently in the legislative process, started out as a way to increase Canadian content online.

"Now, the Liberals at committee have amended C-10 to potentially allow the government to order the deletion of user-generated content on social media," said Arnold, adding the bill could allow the government to delete "anything they decide is inappropriate.

"This is an absolute assault on the freedom of expression."

Arnold says he has fielded numerous calls and emails asking him to oppose the amendments.

The two-term MP is urging people to call and email their members of Parliament to express their displeasure.

"This is something all Canadians should be alarmed about. Even mainstream media reporters have raised red flags," said Arnold.

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