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Re: Costco taken to task

Hi Coun. Stack,

I saw your comments regarding the lack of charging stations in the plans for the new Costco. It's something that one would expect these days for large projects such as this.

I'm pretty sure that if some pressure is applied by council and the public, that this might change.

Part of your case might be the following information.

In 1997, 1998 and on, I spent a few years living in Tucson, AZ.

There was your typical Costco warehouse location there on Grant Rd. It's still there. What is of note is the fact that this location had approximately 6-8 electric vehicle chargers mounted on their outer wall with corresponding parking stalls.

This was 35 years ago and back then, as far as I can recall, there were just two vehicle manufacturers providing electric vehicles for consumer/motorist purchase.

Honda had the "Passport ?" and GM had produced the "EV-1".

Back then it was rare to even see one driving by, maybe to the point of "none" per day. It was also rare to see any vehicles actually parked and charging. I can't recall ever seeing more than one or two and the "norm" was none, just bunch of empty parking places. A few years later, Costco removed the chargers and "patched up" the concrete block wall where they had been.

I think that if the figures are checked out from back then, they would reveal that electric cars were probably less than .001 percent of the vehicles on the road and you might be aware that GM cancelled production of the EV-1 due to a lack of sales and demand.

As you are aware, the electric car market has radically changed since then and even the new climate agreements are saying that gasoline powered cars are to be phased out over the next 10-15 years. Ignoring that fact puts companies like Costco in the bullseye of those that promote and welcome such change, myself included. I think it's probably an assumption by most of the thousands of Costco members that "chargers" would be part of the new plans and that IF there aren't any slated to be provided, that this will have to change.

I'm having a difficult time believing you are the only councillor asking: Why?

You're not alone out there. Keep working on this please, change will come.

Alan Sanderson, West Kelowna

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