Should non-essential travel into B.C. from Alberta be restricted?

Poll: Alberta travel ban?

While travellers heading to the Interior from the Lower Mainland could be met with a police road check enforcing new “non-essential” travel restrictions, those coming from Alberta will be met with a sign asking people not to visit.

Minister of Public Safety Mike Farnworth announced Friday more details on enforcing the new travel restrictions which came into effect last Friday. Non-essential travel is restricted in and out of the Lower Mainland, and police road checks will be set up in key areas, like on the three highways east of Hope. Those breaking the public health order could be liable to a $575 fine.

But to the east, Albertans travelling into B.C.'s Interior will only be met with signage asking them to stay out of the province if their travel is not essential.

“The issue of the border is a complicated one, but there will continue to be signage at the border warning people not to come to British Columbia,” Farnworth said Friday.

“We will engage with media in Alberta to remind people that now is not the time to come to British Columbia unless it's for essential travel. Even when they come for essential travel they have to abide by all the rules and regulations and health orders that are in place here in British Columbia.”

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