Do you find social media toxic to your mental health?

Poll: social media toxicity

The last couple of years have not been particularly great for the dissemination of news in North America.

First, we went through extremely divisive political campaigns in the United States and Canada, where supporters of a particular candidate or party consistently put down all others.

Then, the COVID-19 pandemic precipitated the delivery of “alternative facts” meant to confuse the public at a time when accuracy was – and still is – paramount.

When Research Co. and Glacier Media recently asked Canadians about their experiences using social media, all of the problems we originally identified in 2019 persist today. However, as was the case a couple of years ago, members of specific generations are finding it easier to discover, tune out and report toxicity.

In a country that prides itself on being inclusive and caring, the proportion of comments and posts that are downright insulting is troublesome. More than a quarter of Canadian social media users (27%) say they found racist content on their social media feed over the past year – a proportion that rises to 39% among those aged 18 to 34 and to 38% in British Columbia.

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