Photographer flags doggy doo to send message to pet owners

What the poop!?

Frustrated with the number of bags of dog poop left around Metro Vancouver, A.P. Hovasse decided to flag the issue – literally.

"They've gone halfway, but I wish someone would explain to me in easy language what they're doing (when they leave the bag behind)," says the nature photographer. "What they're doing is polluting more than if the dog craps in the grass.

"I wouldn't ever blame the dogs," he says, noting that if it weren't for the human bagging the dog poop it would dry up naturally, instead of sitting bagged for months.

In an effort to bring attention to the issue, he made little flags that read: "REALLY? WTF DOGWALKERS! Don't be a jerk, take your sh*t to the garbage can located nearby."

Hovasse found three bags dropped, fully loaded at Boundary Bay. He says they were all within about 50 metres of a garbage can.

"They were within sight of the garbage bin for dog poo," he says, noting that a lot of parks are well set up with dog poop resources, and adds that many dog walkers do use the system in place.

After posting images of his signs on social media, response has been mixed.

"I've got a lot of response, not all of it supportive," he says. "I think it's a good way to get people talking.

"Something needs to be done to bring this up in the consciousness of dog walkers," he says.

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