Rust Valley Restorers brings 'Chaos, mayhem and destruction' in their time at the Penticton Speedway

Rust Valley at the Speedway

Casey Richardson

The hit Automotive Restoration TV series, Rust Valley Restorers, sped through the Penticton Speedway with the crew getting a taste for the local track.

What star Mike Hall called a time for “Chaos, mayhem and destruction,” the team had a lot of fun whipping their cars around.

“I think it was awesome, it was my first time at Penticton Speedway. JF kind of chose that venue because it was his home track. He wanted to bring us there and teach us about the track,” fellow star Connor Hall said, adding he was glad to see the track is still running and the new owners have a plan to improve

“It's a good thing because most of the tracks around BC keep shutting down...I’m glad that Penticton is managing to keep theirs open."

While the show usually focuses on repairing and creating beautiful cars, their time at the Speedway was set for demolition and racing.

“I mean it’s not like we bring show cars there. We splash them and try to make them look a little out of the ordinary, so the whole point is to smash them! And race. They’ve got to last long enough to finish the race, but they are somewhat sacrificial,” Mike added.

“Some good old fashioned hit some pass racing, trade some paint if you want to get by the guy in front of you and try to not to put him into the wall too hard, but a little bit,” Connor said.

The team was also glad to be able to get out in BC a bit.

“What made it special is the fact we finally got away from here during COVID. Actually got out to have some fun! But the people there were very friendly, very accommodating. We almost killed a couple guys, but other than that we had a great time,” Mike said, laughing, referencing a jump through an RV their crew made which didn’t go quite as planned.

“It was a definite no-no.”

Rust Valley has missed the chance they would usually get to connect with fans, which had been one of the challenges with filming the show during a pandemic.

“Fans want to do shop tours, see what we’re working on and look at stuff,” Mike said. “We tried to accommodate them as best as we can but I mean COVID is serious stuff and you’ve got to be careful.”

“Not only that, getting parts across the border was painful, shipping was so slow waiting for parts for weeks, months sometimes. Put everything behind schedule,” Connor added.

“Our last car never got done to drive up until four weeks ago.”

The Halls said their highlight of the season is coming out on the last episode, which they can’t reveal.

“We built a lot of cool cars this season,” Mike said. “We're still in discussion of what's going to happen this year but I know a lot of people want to see a few more episodes.”

You can spot the Penticton Speedway's appearances in episodes seven and eight of season three, which can be viewed on the History Channel, or on Amazon's StackTV. Previous seasons can be viewed on Netflix.

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