Lumby resident captured a large bug that looks like a mosquito

Big bug may be Crane Fly

UPDATED 9:35 a.m.

The North Okanagan may not see an invasion of giant mosquitoes after all.

Lumby resident Jerry Mason captured what looks like a rather large mosquito, but there is some debate as to the type of insect he caught.

While the winged bug certainly looks like a mosquito on steroids, some readers believe it is actually a member of the fly family.

“That is not a mosquito. It is an adult Crane Fly, completely harmless and very common,” said one reader who sent an email with a link with information on the fly.

One reader felt it was a mosquito, saying “All early season, early hatch mosquitoes tend to be very large, and slow flyers. Yes some are very large indeed.
“There are many species of mosquitoes throughout the season with varying sizes, colour and aggressive attitude.”


We have been living with a 'plague' for more than a year, perhaps the next scourge to hit the area is giant mosquitos.

Lumby resident Jerry Mason snapped a pic what looked like a huge mosquito that had gotten into his home.

“Sounded like a four-engined bomber on a reconnaissance mission as it flew past my ear,” Mason said in a post on the Around the Block Lumby Facebook page Wednesday.

But upon posting the picture, there was some debate about the big bug being a mosquito.

A web search reveals several bugs that look like mosquitoes, with the midge most closely resembling the blood-sucking vermin.

However, midges tend to be smaller than mosquitoes and there is nothing small about the monstrosity Mason captured.

What do you think?

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